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Where's My Bus - Real Time

Effective Sunday, March 29, 2020:

Effective March 19, 2020:Reduced Ride On service plan. Bus service details. Servicios de Autobús.

  • See Reduced plan bus schedules. Expect further service reductions Monday, March 23.
  • Free fares on all buses.
  • Routes not operating: Flex, 11, 28, 129, 101 (Ride On extRa)
  • Not all stops are in service. To see if your stop is operational, go to bus schedules

  • Until further notice this application will only display "Where's My Bus - Real Time" page. All other menus are disabled.

  • This website will no longer show time of bus arrivals/departures to/from any stop until the Reduced Service Plan is lifted.
  • Bus map showing buses in two miles radius of selected stop or cell phone location. No Route information is available.
  • Board in rear unless ramp required: