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Ride On Monthly Pass

The Ride On Monthly Pass costs $22.50 per month.

This pass offers you unlimited rides on Montgomery County Ride On buses for the entire calendar month purchased.

How to buy a Monthly Pass

  1. Buy the pass at these locations.

    You cannot use SmartBenefits to buy Ride On Monthly Passes.

  2. The pass is added electronically to your SmarTrip® card.

    See where to buy a SmarTrip® card.

Use this pass for all Ride On buses

The Ride On Monthly Pass is only accepted on Montgomery County Ride On buses. This includes Ride On, Ride On extRa, Flash and Flex service.

If you use both Ride On and Metrobus, purchase a Metrobus 7-Day Regional Bus Pass.

The pass is valid for 1 calendar month

In the calendar month the pass is valid, use it from the first day of the month through the last day of the month.

The pass effective/expiration date depends on the date you load the pass to your card.

Passes loaded on this dayHave this validity period

The 1st through 15th day of the month

The current month
The 16th through 31st day of the month

The next month, starting on the 1st day of that month

You may load 2 passes on your card at the same time

Two monthly passes may be loaded on the card at one time and the passes will sequentially stack on the card. The second pass becomes active following expiration of the first pass and use of the pass.

The two passes are “interlocked”, which means the time period runs together. If the first month is used and the second month is not used, the second month pass will expire at the end of the second month, whether or not you use the pass. The pass expiration date depends on the date you load the pass.


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